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Embrace a future where artificial intelligence is not just a tool, but a trusted partner in patient care. With our platform, diagnoses are swift, treatments are precise, and every interaction is infused with the promise of progress.

It's not just advancement—it's empowerment

Medical treatments from the 21st century

Elevate Patient Care with Fast and Accurate AI Diagnoses

Discover the benefits: fast and accurate AI diagnoses, immediate treatment plans, and customized medication options for enhanced patient care.

Fast Diagnoses

Receive fast and accurate AI-driven diagnoses based on patient symptoms in seconds, ensuring fast medical intervention.

Immediate Treatment

Get immediate treatment plans tailored to each patient, optimizing care and recovery process.

Customized Medication Access to personalized medication options, enhancing treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Patient Care

Streamlines patient care processes with efficient and effective diagnosis, treatment, and medication recommendations.

Zero retention of data

Medical data is highly sensible, so we don't retain any personal information nor use it to retrain our models.

Trustworthy results

By accessing the sources of the results, you can verify the accuracy of the content and judge the results

Develop with the help of people you can trust

Doctors using Hippocrates AI

We are proud that doctors from the next hospitals have helped to make Hippocrates AI

Results that you can trust

Informed medical opinions

Our AI copilot empowers doctors by providing grounded data based in top-tier journals, so you can focus on what matters.

The treatment and test generations are based on top-tier medical journals to improve results

Our AI counts with an "anti-hallucination" system that lets you know the content's origin.

Discover Innovative Features

Delve into our platform's capabilities including multiple condition diagnoses, detailed descriptive resources, and tailored medication recommendations.


Up to three medical conditions based on symptoms


In-depth descriptions

Medication Recommendations

Personalized suggestions for medication based on diagnosis

Results you can trust

Using top-tier medical documentation, tens of documents are summarized in seconds

Choose the plan that's right for you

Flexible monthly pricing for teams of all sizes.


For individuals


25 diagnoses per month

Regular support


For doctors and clinics

$25 /month

350 diagnoses per month

1 User

PDF for treatments and tests

Medication recommendation


For hospitals

Contact us

Unlimited diagnoses

Unlimited team members

24/7 support

API Connector

Private data integration

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